Outcasted And Abused

Ever since I was in grade school it's been really hard to make friends. I am quiet but even years later after continuous trying to connect with people and trying to gain friendships it never seems to work. To make matters worse, I married in my twenties to someone who later became an abusive drunk. After divorcing, we shared custody of our children where he had them for a month then me. I then severely hurt my back to where I couldn't work, and he was brainwashing my kids to hate me so his new girlfriend could be their mom. He was also threatening and scaring me to where I thought I might end up like lacy peterson or Nicole brown.
I was now engaged to a really nice man and decided to move out of state, get everything ready for my kids then have them move there too. My ex then refused to let them go and I couldn't move back because I was truly afraid he would literally kill me. I have involved police and child services but no one can help. Lack of evidence.

To top things off, he and my current husbands ex wife talk to each other all the time (she stalked my ex down online to get info about me)and they both have convinced themselves that we must have been having an affair and were the reason of the divorces. I live in a small community now and both our exes have told everyone both where my children live and where I moved to and still live that I am a home wrecker and have stds, I sleep around, I do drugs.....there is nothing they haven't spread lies about. So being that no one
knows me or any different I get disgusted looks towards me and people don't want to be seen with me. I don't understand any of this. I have enough trouble as it is but then I had to marry an abusive drunk that has my kids full time that I raised without any help from him besides financial, and now I have to go through being looked at as the town outcast for the rest of my life, as well as somebody that walked away from their kids, even though I have spent my life savings trying to get them.
Does anyone have any suggestions or have been in a situation like this before?
Forestwalker40 Forestwalker40
May 16, 2012