I Am Finally Starting To Hate People After All These Years. . . .

I feel that no one likes me . Ive always been bullied and ridiculed, the bullying stopped but the ridicule didnt. Everywhere I go I always endup being hated. Idk why. I am nice to everybody, but I am misunderstoodoften. Last year, my last year in jr high, I remember one day this girl said "if you think Amanda's pretty say I!". No one raised their hand. At that time, I wore little makeup, and I have really short hair from it falling out from an alergy, so I covered it with a scarf everyday. I am often called "weird" idk why. When I ask people they say "you just are I dont know how to explain it. People also think im crazy and stupid .

when they found out that I got accepted to one of the best high schools in our area they just said "how? She must have connections" I used to love people and not care when they teased me , but now Im starting to dispize people. I hate people since they hate me. if im so "weird" "stupid" "retarded""ugly" and "boring then I guess I dont deserve to be with anyone in life . :/ I mean nothing . Im a piece of crap
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I can't belive no one likes u na

Hey now. Don't talk to yourself like you did in that last paragraph - that kind of thinking won't get you anywhere and the more you tell yourself that, the more you will believe it.

It's great that you got accepted into one of the best high schools! That is a great and golden opportunity for you. High school is a new stage where the freshman are once again in the position where they have to meet new people. It'll be hard, but if you push yourself to meet people your freshman year, that will blossom into friendships that could last throughout your high school career.

But yeah... don't hate people. Even if a lot of people are mean, that doesn't mean you should hate *everyone*. Then you are guaranteed that nobody will like you, and nobody wants that.

Good luck!

school sucks at your age.