Help Me.i Feel Lonely

this has happened to me since i started school... i have friends and sometimes i hang out with them but ive never had a best friend. every time i get close with a friend, some other girl comes in the middle and ruins our friendship ... this has happened all the time.. i met this girl last year, and we became close. i thought she was my best friend until this girl came and she started to talk and do stuff with my friend and one day my friend went to her house without telling me and my other friends. and i got mad because wherever i go i invite her but she didnt do the same... she hangs out with her and not with me.... shes not my best friend anymore... so i told her and im not that close with her like before.... we dont even hang out like before... this is not my first time... it happens a lot.. i can never have a best friend that i can have fun and tell each other everything, do sleepovers and stuff... i dont know .. is it me or what? this didnt happen only with my friends but with my cousins too... they dont like me, they go out and dont invite me,.... idk there are no friends nowadays... i tell my mom everything because i have no one else to tell, only she can understand me....
maybe its coz im shy, im not comfortable with ppl i dont know...i do a lot of jokes... i dont get it whats the problem with me.... pls help me... i feel alone, i feel like nobody wants to hangg out with me and nobody likes me..
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Nobody likes me either, I have no friends or a girlfriend and I am very ugly. I never had sex and I am going to die a virgin unless I have sex with a hooker.

Don't get discouraged. I know how you feel - but there's somebody out there who is right for you as a friend. I think that one thing you might want to consider doing is trying to drop the idea of having a best friend. You should have friends, but you don't need a "best friend". If it happens then it happens, but if you think of somebody as being your best friend then you might be more prone to jealousy. If you don't get invited then there is no sense in getting mad about it - lashing your feelings out at them will only make them want to talk to you less. I know, it's an unfortunate, unfair, and paradoxical situation.

You're... what? One year away from college? Two years? The good thing about college - assuming you're going and depending on where you go, is that there is a LARGE variety of clubs and organizations that you can join. I'd recommend joining an organization with which you share common interests. You might end up meeting some good friends there.

Good luck!

I'm dealin with the same ****