Bad Luck In Love

i feel like im nothing to this world... im not like those girls who always talk to boys first. i cant do that because im shy... i always wait for them to talk first. i have had a lot of crushes but they never liked me bad so i gave up, i will never like boys first... if they like me they are going to show it , im tired of liking boys without them knowing.. once i had a crush on this boy when i was 8 yrs old until 14 yrs old. i have liked him for 6 years and he told me that he liked me back, we talked a lot.... one day i told "my friend" that i liked him because she begged me to tell her about my crush and since then she started talking to him and getting close to him and he started forgetting me and liking her instead. she is such a bad friend. since that happened me and my ex crush are not talking anymore.... im 16 now and its been 2 yrs without talking to him.. since then he still chases after my friend. me and my friend got upset but i was nice and i still talk to her and sometimes hang out eventho she doesnt deserve it... my friend and him still talk and i think he still likes her ..
its weird because i liked him so much and now i hate him for what he's done to me and i dont feel nothing at all... i feel hate for him , i cant even stare at him anymore...
lala111222 lala111222
18-21, F
Dec 12, 2012