I Try

I don't look for people to return my gestures but I do try to return everyone Else's because it is nice that someone takes the time to do this for me.  I can't sometime however because the EP cell version won't allow me to do it. argh!!!

fungirlmmm fungirlmmm
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I just tried to gesture you, Girl, but I am blocked :(

I DELETE mass gestures as I feel THEY are bad manners

I usually try to return everyone's gestures. I tend to get in a few gesture wars with a couple of friends.<br />
And ersatz, that's not entirely true......

That's not true ersatz!! lol<br />
<br />
I sometimes reply to gestures but not always ... I just can't get caught up with it ... I certainly don't return circle gestures ... only personal ones.

i dont think is bad manners if someone dont return a gesture..maybe they are busy etc..at least i want them to know i think about them..


Shame shame everyone knows your name.

LOL I don't reply to circle gestures either.

I get annoyed with circle gestures...the others get lost in those.