Newsflash: Imperfect Is Okay

This may sound kind of funny but you see sometimes I laugh at the notion that life somehow just has to be perfect because for one thing how would we know perfection in a completely perfect world? To me it seems like knowing the difference in the seasons if in fact each season was the same?
Unlike some people I do believe people can be perfect coming from a perfect source - God - but the extent to which a person succeeds depends very much upon their understanding of that perfection and I feel we can all testify to occasions where we got that badly wrong even if our intent was noble. So I think it's wise to accept the idea that life may not turn out perfect instead making the most of what experiences we encounter and not getting into a mega sulk just because our party wasn't the most perfectly organized one possible.
Chances are it was good enough for you to create opportunities to cultivate new friends, renew old ones and enjoy a pleasant evening together and wasn't that good enough?
CarolineBelinda CarolineBelinda
36-40, F
Jan 3, 2011