I Feel Gray...

Sometimes, like now, I feel so gray. I didn't want to accept it but for me, the post important thing would be love. I've never been in love though.

I have a good job, my family is ok, my friends ae with me, I live in a beautiful place. But I want that and I think it will never come, I think I will never have a boyfriend, I will never find someone who loves me, I will never find someone to love. So, I feel my life is just lineal, gray. When I hang out with friends, I feel very good, I have fun and laugh and those things, but I still think something is missing.

There are many things for what I haven't fallen in love in these 24 years and I think I'm a bundle of nerves and fear, sometimes I win, sometimes they win. I think that's the human nature but anyway...

I want to find someone who I really ... Bah, I won't keep writing.Bye.
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1 Response Nov 12, 2011

I couldn't help but read this and smile a bit considering I've had similar experiences and the title I Feel Gray... my name is Phil Gray

Hahah really? Well, I feel Phill's last name sometimes haha =P
by BennyRidesAgain I hope you meet him soon.

I thought it was funny that after a post discussing me is a post saying i hope you meet him soon

I was saying at the time i found it funny that below someone saying i hope you meet him soon was my comment I just found it amusing i guess