If God...

If God had meant us to be covered, he'd have given us fur.
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Yes, I accept that, but all the same, I would feel pretty strange sitting opposite my bank manager in the buff...or perhaps just wearing his Old School Tie.

not if everyone was always naked. It's kind of a joke. But if you think about it, it's really weird for an animal (humans are animals) to suddenly start putting on clothing. No other animal does it! Then again no other animal can live in such widely varied environments.

I said fur.... Well ok I edited it.<br />
<br />
Did you know that humans have more hairs per square cm of sking than chimps or binobos? It's just most human hairs are tiny. We only have thick hairs on our "hairy" places. <br />
<br />
I agree about dressing pets, except in climates where the animal is not suited to it. Small dogs in very cold climates can freeze to death quickly. So putting a sweater on you little rat-dog makes scene in Minnesota in winter. Not so much in Arizona in summer.

I think you mean fur? The point is, through natural evolution we have reached beyond the animal stage. In todays world nudism is just not on! We can still be<br />
proud of our body without having to show it`s nooks and crannies to our fellow<br />
humans.<br />
I hate it when some of us dress our dogs up in woollen coats. They are dogs, and<br />
they are entitled to go around as they were born.<br />
But then again, we all do kinky stuff.....So LIVE and LET LIVE.<br />