Send Me Your Noods!

Ok I'm kidding. Seriously. No, I AM KIDDING! Well.... if you ins...never mind.

The human body is a great thing. I suppose some things on it are good and hot and beautiful, but without anything? Its amazing.

The way its built and curved and structured just DEMANDS to be stared at and admired. Both the male and female form. The polar differences between them demand separate attention to detail.

People were meant to be naked.
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6 Responses Nov 28, 2006

Yep learnings6 you really got to try hard to get good picures of the male nude! I guess its a clear indicator that far too many folks just don't get it! There is still a general taboo on male penis's the sites you mention seem to be mostly what you see. But if you try there is some nice stuff out there. As a collecror of all kinds of nudity I make no distinctions about it. I particularly love the pictures of families, mothers with their children, parents even multi-generations all naked and happy together.....and isn't that true beauty and what we should all desire? Thanks for the forum Uriel

Ah... starts my day off with a thrill!!

I agree 100%

and then , there are those who should NIVER EVIR appear nudie in public!

Wish i could accomplish your attitude Mystic. I am however way too concious of my flaws... Do love to cuddle naked on the couch with my man while watching a movie...but...i must have a blanket...haha

I agree! I used to have a big complex about being naked....felt like I was doing something wrong...was ashamed of my body...too aware of all it's flaws (i'm SO picky about bodies....mine and other's) Anyhow! I don't give a **** anymore, now! My body's far from being perfect but, I feel so natural and feminine and beautiful without clothes on....just walking around the house...I don't get to do it that often at home, though. My teenage children would be SO OFFENDED if they even came in my bedroom in the morning and saw a nude shoulder sticking out of the shoulders...cuz that would mean that I slept WITHOUT MY CLOTHES on. I try to respect that. But, I still love naked-ness! And, I used to really think that women's bodies were more beautiful than men's....all the curves and softness, compared to all the hard-ness of a man's body. But, I agree with you on that point, too!! The human body is divinely beautiful! And, SO wonderous!