The Naked Truth

While nudity qua nudity is neither ugly nor beautiful, there is little in heaven or on earth to match a naked female body for sheer aesthetic appeal.  That said, one must note that on beaches designated as "Bathing Suits Optional" it is almost always precisely the people you really do not want to see naked who seem most anxious to ***** down and parade themselves about. 
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I think pretty much everyone looks better naked than clothed.

true nudists dont see ugly .We see normal people who are happy in their own skin .We do not judge .people are who they are, wouldnt it be boring if we were all the same.Textiles judge by class or what you do for a living or what car you drive or where you live etc .None of this comes into nudist society We are all equal when nude as it should be .We shrug off societies rules and regulations and judgemental ways.

It's late, or early, depending on how you look at it - as is the case with so many things.

What was the question again? It's late, or early depending on how you look at it and I'm not thinking straight. Something about all of us having the same lover?

I'm almost certain someone was.

I'm sorry, was someone talking to me?

Amen. Most of the "old" religions were matriarchal.

Just a small point of grammar. -- Sometimes a man must be in the presence of a goddess to appreciate his own deity.

And the more interesting question is, why do we all have the same lover?

I think the female and male forms are both very beautiful. Of coarse we can all more easily appreciate a thinner, well defined physique. It is usually more desirable. However, the most wonderful thing is that we are all beautiful in the eyes of our lover.

Frog & Intrepid - You are both right of course. But there was something in the tone of Rogue Alpha that was - off-putting. (The chick I share my life with vexes me rather a lot.)

I can tell you this Rogue - women do not vex THIS man.


*smiles*<br><br />
I agree with my friend above.<br><br />
Some people definitely look better with clothes on, but everyone should have the right to be naked whenever they like.

The Woman has always been a symbol of Beauty.<br />
The Goddess Incarnate.<br />
A woman is still something that vexes all men.

You are welcome! Puke away. Call for Ralph. Worship at the porcelain altar.

Women's body indeed is beautiful. I guess thats why its easy for girls to kiss another girls. As a straight guy I cannot even imagine getting close to men that I admire for looks.<br />
<br />
You have to be either a woman or a homo to contemplate getting intimate with a guy. I will puke, thank you.

and nude men make me giggle

i love the female body in every shape and form. doesnt matter to me how small or big a woman is, her body is still beautiful. i'm not a big fan of nude men. their body is just not as appealing as a womans.

Haven't been to Norway but I've spent enough time on Dutch beaches to have experienced what you're talking about. Didn't stop me, I always go to the beach topless - of course - I'm a guy.