Why Embarrassed?

So many of us say things that we believe in, and then get embarrassed about it...

Like saying, "I think nudity is beautiful..." (which it is), and then saying, "ah! just kidding!"

Why do we do that?

We have become a society that likes witty smart funny statements, but gets uncomfortable with genuine, deep, heartfelt conversations. We like a "Fine, thank you" reply to "how are you?" The moment someone starts a conversation about feelings, see how uncomfortable we get? We want them to stop talking, or we just want to get away... It's sad that we have become like that...

Anyway, about nudity, yes, the female form is a work of art... I always believe that I chose to be born female - that I had a choice, and I said - yes - I want to become this exotic creature that is called a woman.... in comparison, I think men's bodies are ok... (am not gay, btw)  I like men's hands though...
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Well said. Its all in the eye of the beholder. Why some in society see nudism as ugly and wrong, I will never understand. I think the body is a beautiful thing. If God had ment for us to be clothed, we wouldn't be born naked.

Ok, ppl, men are beautiful too,.... but not as much as women! :P

nudity is beautiful. I enjoy it as often as I can. I wish I could walk up the street nude in summer spring and fall. I would like to meet a female outdoors, both of us nude and just talk like neighbors...admiring each others atributes and being comfortable. And women we don't always want sex. It is shallow if that is all one thinks about. Talking interest things in common that build a friendshi. Unfortunatly for me I do equate nudity and sex as obviously intertwined but something that is controlable. If I see a beautiful woman yes, perhaps I will become excited, but seems that is natural? Also atractiveness is shown in many ways. Some men and women are sexually or non sexualy aroused by good conversation or seeing each other more that just once. The arousal part is human nature. Like any bodily function and is controlable unless one is mad.<br />
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Well they r my feelings on it. Oh only thing I'd enjoy doing is to go to a party where people are nude and stay seveal hourse and get to mingle and see how nice I imagine it may be....anyone done that? Please share?

Nudity is something that is absolutely natural! There are sexually exciting bodies - male and female.<br />
I love 'attractive female bodies'. But I think most women are deeper thinking. They will go for smiles or 'chat-up' lines, rather than the size of a man's ****!<br />
They know they can get it, if and when they want it, whereas we poor men, tend to go on physical attributes as first impressions....then try and **** their brains out!<br />
Only a thought ,from a well-adjusted hetro Scotsman!

Admiring the male body doesnt mean that you are 'gay'. As a person who has always had an appreciation for art, I think that there are beautiful bodies in both the female and male population. But what really makes nudity beautiful is when anyone (male and female) can be comfortable, accepting, confident, and open with their bodies regardless of their size and shape, their age, their race, their flaws and imperfections, etc. Nudity is natural and is a part of our lives and ourselves, it is primal and it is real. That is where the true beauty lies....and any attempt to disconnect ourselves from it (for whatever the reason) it where our superficiality and shallowness take over. There is nothing 'dirty', sinful, shameful, ugly, 'disgusting', strange, or even 'sick' about the human body. Nudity is not just about being naked in body.....its also about being naked in mind, heart, and spirit as well.

Your right people are afraid of people being real with them. I get in trouble a lot for answering the how are you question "wrong" all the time.

I also think it's sad that people have difficulty conveying anything emotional at all in conversation. We live in a very superficial society. Unfortunately nudity has also become quite superficial with the beautiful female form being reduced to T&A.

But we are society. I even give the same answer. everyone I know gives the same answer.