Not Just Nudity Itself

I think the true beauty of people being nude lies in the confidence and acceptance (of themselves and others). It lies in the freedom and pleasure being naked brings. There are good looking and shapely people who are a pleasure to look at, but not everyone is blessed with that appearance. So beaty cannot be judged by what one sees alone. Nudity does have a sensual and erotic edge to it, but it is not all about sex and cannot be judged by that alone either. I think nudity should be for everybody....every BODY, regardless of their age, sex, race, size, or shape. The beauty is in the sharing, the connectedness, and the sense of belonging. Nudity is natural and it is real....thats where the true beauty lies.

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Clothing is good as a source of protection, such as cold, but when it is not needed it is very natural to be nude and one with nature.

*strips naked* ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, *bl<x>ink*

I think alot of it came from the biblical story of Adam and Eve....alot of misinterpretation. In it Adam tells God that he is hiding because he is naked and ashamed. It wasnt his actual nakedness that they were ashamed of, but the "exposure" felt form disobeying. However People assumed it literally to mean it was wrong for them to be naked, forgetting that A) God created them that way and they LIVED that way for however long they had been in the garden. B) God spent time with them while in the garden and never said they were wrong or shameful. C) God even QUESTIONED that statement...."Who told you that you were naked?". I think that is where most of the taboos surrounding nudity came from and then became part of our overall thinking. Many even call sex "the original sin" based on that same story, this liking sex and nudity (which is how nudity became thought of as "dirty". How this all got started I dont know, but it became away for the church and society to control people. It started a long time ago, but it has endured and passed from generation to generation. Another thing.....In the story God didnt make clothing of skins for them because their nudity was shameful or sinful, he did it out of compassion for their fears and feelings. Im sure other religions have similar stories with the same misinterpretations, but its the christian take on it that became the most influential.

I know what you mean. I actually feel more relaxed, less self-conscious, and comfortable when Im in a nudist atmosphere and environment than I do out in the general public and society. I am more conscious of how I look when Im dressed than when Im naked.

I love being nude because it is total freedom. I am not hiding anything, I do not have to try to make something look better and so when somebody sees me nude, that is what it is all about. The burden of trying to look good or making sure everything is right is lifted and I can just relax!<br />
Of course, I must assume those burdens when I have to put on a suit to conduct business!