We Are Born Naked,

Clothes are useful against the elements, but walking around naked is also wonderful!
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I agree totally. Nudity is beautiful. That is how we were meant to be. It does not allow people to judge you by what you wear, you don't have to worry about what you look like.<br />
Not TOOOO keen on the idea of men being nude though. I think women are all beautiful.<br />
Lovingangel. I am a woman!!!!

I'd skip the shoes too:) That's the first thing that has to go. I'm aiming for one step at a time. First a society where women feeding babies don't need to create a tent with a blanket. Then some fair play regarding chests. If the men can take their tops off on hot days, why can't we....yes, one step at a time.

Fluffy? As in hirsute? My dear, they don't come any more Hobbit-like than me.................

I quite understand. I'm just not an organization person. I'm more your everyday rebel. I'd be the one walking starkers down Main Street all by myself just to make a point.

We skinnydip. We have a fence round the pool as required by law, and if anyone sees us swimming naked they have gone to great lengths to look, so they are seeing it by choice. Their loss, or whatever:)<br />
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I wouldn't join a naturist organization. Doing so would be like confessing that it is some sort of freakish minority "interest". I don't deride you for taking the option there, it's just my way of looking at it. I'm more into getting attitudes changed on a mainstream level. Getting theatres to allow nudity on stage when it makes sense to do so. That sort of thing. And to get rid of that stupid attitude that you need to be a certain age to see naked bodies. Good grief, no wonder kids grow up warped. <br />
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It's messed priorities, is what it is. Janet Jackson accidentally shows a bit of breast on TV and the country cries out in horror, but children get killed by the thousand by American troops invading their country and......nobody says a word. You can't explain nonsense like that.

It's not just formal naturism. It's just a relaxed attitude. You go topless on the beach because.....it's a beach. That's what beaches are for. If someone wants to dance naked on a table at a club, nobody calls the cops. It's harmless.

In a nutshell. Yes, North America immediately associates nudity with sex. Every friggin' time. That's why breast-feeding mothers have had such a hard time here. And I really do believe it is the root cause of many sex crimes. It's that forbidden fruit thing. It's stupid. Everyone has a body (GASP!). The stupidity of some of the prudishness would be funny if it wasn't so sad.

That is an intereseting theory....<br />
<br />
Spent three years in Germany and having been raised here was shocked at the freedom people felt about nudity....<br />
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It made me a little uncomfortable...but did get somewhat use to it....it never offended me mind you. Just being raised in the States I wasnt prepared for it I suppose.

Absolutely. It was a shock to me, as a European, when arriving in North America to find children wearing swimsuits. Where I come from kids are naked on the beach. They have no inhibitions, so why give them any? But then I realized, sadly, they have to be clothed here because of the high proportions of perverts around. Obviously there are perverts in Europe too, but nowhere near as many. Why? It HAS to be the prudishness of North American culture that has caused this.