Why Is It Frowned Upon?

i really don't see why some people are so up tight on nudity, in my opinion i think it would be a better world to not be ashamed of being naked. i believe that it is completely normal to be naked, more normal then wearing clothes. we weren't born clothed!

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Very well expressed!

I am in full agreement!

absolutly! i have yea to meet a girl that both likes being nude and is uncomfortable with her body, its always one or the other in my experience. but dont talk to me about frying bacon nude, been there done that and got speckled burn makes on my tummy, hahaha

Society said nudity is bad. So we have heard this growing up and it remains in our subconscience. I say if you like it do it. I have been a nudist all my life.

i also think its better with someone you love, i always want to do it with my best friend and my girlfriend the most.<br />
the odd thing is that even people in warm climates wear clothes, go figure ay

Well said :) we just need to live in a warm climate then we wouldn't even need clothes:)))

we practice often ourselves. it is definitely less of a big deal than people make it out ot be.

I think and feel the same way! Nudity is indeed beautiful!

Indeed it would, I hadn't given too much thought to eating disorders and whatnot but now that you mention it I have to fully agree.

I agree wholeheartedly AMCG. Being nude is the most natural thing in the world. When you stop to think about it, gymnophobia (unreasonable fear of nudity) is advanced and continued by the financial interests of this world. The fashion industry is a HUGE business that would go broke if people would only wear clothes when necessary -- to keep warm or be protected from injury, like when you are frying bacon LOL. If everybodey got over their fear of being nude and learned to like their bodies, it would solve a whole bunch of psychological issues, like eating disorders.