The Human Body Is Amazing

I tend to think we're wired as a species to enjoy the bodies we're attracted to; I'm a straight male, and I love looking at naked women.  I have noticed, though, as I've gotten older, that I also have enjoyed men's bodies.  When I was younger, I don't think I would even have considered wondering what a good-looking man would look like, and if that thought had ever crossed my mind, I sure wouldn't have admitted it.  Now as my wife and I are enjoying the exploration of our sexualities, we look for and point out people we think the other one would enjoy.  I think Ray Stevens had it right, "Everybody's beautiful, in their own way."  

I understand the artistic side of nudity, but I don't want to discount the sexual side of it.  Naked bodies turn me on, and I think there's nothing wrong with that.  Of course, to be really sexually aroused, a body isn't takes some personality as well.  But an attractive naked body is certainly a good start.  The ability to appreciate a variety of body types means less disappointment, too.

howler58 howler58
51-55, M
Feb 28, 2010