A Simple Pleasure

It is such a pleasurable experience when you get home and relax. The feeling of taking off your clothes and feel the air on your bare skin is invigorating as you leave outside life behind. It is similar to kicking off your shoes when you come through the door and your bare feet stretch and relax as they feel the air and the sensation of the ground beneath you.  Being naked should not be viewed as a taboo thing.  It is so natural and comfortable.  I feel sorry for those who really never experience such a simple pleasure that all have access to experience.  Nudity doesn't have to be confined to the bathroom and sex.  We should love ourselves and our bodies and be able to wear nudity as we wear clothes without shame and fear.  Clothes have a purpose in our lives and in society to protect our beautiful bodies from the elements when necessary and perhaps to express moods, feelings, personalities, and unfortunately stature.  Simple nudity can also express much of the same but should be accepted and embarrassed as well.
     There have been many times while at home that I have forgotten that I am naked.  Many may think this is a strange statement.  However, after a while your body adjusts to the elements and you feel so relaxed and free that you go about your normal activities sans clothing.  I think it is even more natural in the warm weather when it feels so much more comfortable being naked.  I have opened the door while nude and even chatted with a neighbor while I was nude in my backyard by the pool and never gave it a thought to be embarrassed or to run to cover up.  They were shocked at first but became comfortable as they saw my comfort level with them.  I honestly tend to not open the door when I am nude but don't hide my nudity in the house our private backyard.  If someone comes around to the back and I am in the pool or outside nude I never cover up and act naturally.  Being naked is one of lifes simple pleasures which all should enjoy.



jamnatr jamnatr
41-45, M
Jan 7, 2013