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Recently, on a nudist web site, the question behind a post was, “Should it be legal to be naked anywhere?” This is a nudism topic I have seen many times, but usually as somebody stating they would be nude all the time if it were legal.

An interesting idea; one that has crossed my mind many times. As a nudist for over 20 years, I have asked myself where I would go nude if it were legal everywhere (notwithstanding climate and temperature). Would I go food shopping or to restaurants? What about taking my car into being serviced? How about jury duty? (The one thing many would do nude is take a commercial flight; much easier to get through airport screening.)

After a few Martinis, here are my thoughts. How comfortable would I be as the only nude person in those situations? Unfortunately, a lot would depend on what other people were doing. Even being a confirmed nudist, there are limits to how I would react to these opportunities to be nude in public. But that is not only me. In New York State, women are legally allowed to be topless anywhere men can be topless. Yet, few women take advantage of that freedom, most likely due to social pressures to conform.

Finally, if legal, I would enjoy having the freedom to be nude around my own property; taking my dogs outside, getting the paper in the morning, washing my car, doing yard work, etc. Since I would be on my own property, I would feel comfortable nude there, regardless of how many other neighbors were nude outside their houses.

I have some experience being an early adapter in nudist situations, so I can see where being the first in the neighborhood to be nude outside would make others feel comfortable to do the same. There are many home nudists, and having somebody break the ice would be all it takes. Some folks are shy and just need a little positive role model and support. I can do that!
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It's and interesting question. I often think that it would be nice to not have to get dressed just to go do some short errand. I'm sure that I would not choose to be nude 100% of the time but having the freedom to not have to get dressed would just be so much convenient.

If only I could be that role model ,but none of my neighbours seem to have followed my lead as most of them know I am a nudist and been seen by a few of them and I have tried to convert them to no avail but they dont have a problem with me being nude so I dont complain .

Good for you! If I have ever been caught by a neighbor in my backyard, I have not been made aware of it. Once I was caught out front by somebody driving by, but nothing came of it.

Thanks for your report. Going naked around my own property I can mostly do now although I have to be careful when doing something out by the road. I drive naked, but worry that I'll be arrested, and when stopping for gas I have to put on a shirt and shorts. I ride my bicycle naked, but only on bike paths that are hidden.

When I visited Cap d'Agde there was a nice café on the beach were we ate naked. There were some stores to shop naked. I enjoyed it. If it were legal here I would go naked in town much of the summer. And I suspect that many others, not a majority at first, would do so too. It would become more popular as more people were seen going about our lives naked.

I worry about getting arrested doing nude activities in public, too. Therefore, I don't do nearly as much as I would like. Have driven a few times nude and gone outside nude, too. Once I was caught by somebody driving by, but nothing came of it.

lucky enough for me I built an 8' privacy fence around my yard,so I have and do go naked

Good for you! Got any pics to share of you enjoying your yard nude?