The naked human form in art is beautiful, it's even seen in the Vatican Palaces and churches, so what is wrong with its live form?

Humanity and human society might be in a better place psychologically if we had a healthier and more appreciative view of our bodies, instead of the fears.

All the social problems about human nudity seem to stem from controls from religious groups. They think if we were all naked we'd be going at it in the streets and the fact would mean society would be base and animal. Let me tell them, human society is base! Women are treated as targets despite their clothes!
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The human body is something that should never need to be covered up. I strongly believe that most clothing is worn for status, or to fit in with a certain group. Protective clothing is the exception. The Inuit, for example, habitually slept nude, but wore clothing outside their dwellings to avoid freezing. Aboriginals in Australia originally went nude, and only wore cloaks made from animal fur when it was really cold. In our modern homes and workplaces, most of the time, clothing is unnecessary.

I totally agree!

You summed it up perfectly. Many people are indoctrinated from an early age to consider nudity as wrong and they end up being unwilling or unable to see it in any other way. It really is pretty hypocritical that many religious paintings and images depict nudity, yet those same organizations promote anti- nudity beliefs and laws. They also claim that humans were created in the image of God, yet push the agenda of covering and concealing that creation as if it's something shameful or dirty.

You said it!