I Forget Sometimes

This morning is a fine example...I got up and smelled fresh coffee downstairs. I went down, poured myself a cup and came back upstairs to get my day started. My wife rolled over and saw me, exclaimed that I should not have done that. I was confused. She told me I should not go down and get a cup of coffee as Dad was home. Oopps, I had forgotten I was naked.
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13 Responses Jul 16, 2010

WTF. Your wife is wrong to criticize you for being naked in your own home. I'm sure her dad won't care. Carpe Diem!

I know what you mean. One morning i forgot that my 16 yr old daughter had two friends for a sleep over!!!!

Her dad, or your dad?

Hahah...that's funny!

Dont worry, god sees you as perfect so dont feel ashamed!!

Yep, nudity is quite natural. I'm in my backyard now doing a little gardening and dipping in the pool.

Maybe if you told Dad that you like being unclothed he might not mind at all.

Hillbilly, that is GREAT!!!!! Now I know, stop the car and join you.

I live on a mountain and I always sun myself in the nude, rarely does anyone come up my driveway, last year someone did, I bet they will not do that again! (I have no trespassing signs everywhere and live in a secluded spot, they ignored my signs, too bad about them) Granny just don't care much! If you don't want to see her naked, don't trespass!

thik hai

Yes Idamae, there are people that wear clothes at home. Sick, oh so sick.

You mean that some people actually wear clothes at home?