Nudity Is So Innocent

Whoever said 'celebacy is the one true perversion' was a genius. I come from a religiously strict and conservative family so nudity was introduced as a tabu and a real no-no. It wasn't until recently that I discovered how comfortable I am with nudity. I love my body when it's naked and I have absolutely nothing to be ashamed of. I think you can be very sexual with clothes one and very innocent with nothing on. However something that strikes my mind so often is how in the world people say that a woman's chest is more sexual than a man's chest? Either they are both as sexual or they are not sexual at all. I never thought of taking of my bra as a nudist act. I think it's absolutely natural. A mother who breastfeeds her child isn't doing ****** either right? So why in the world is it considered a no-no for a woman to take off her shirt and display her breasts? Why are we turning something innocent to something sexual? This is what is wrong with the world. We try victimize our daughters, mothers and sisters instead of teaching each other that sexuality is not what we can and cannot see but what we feel. I don't care if anyone thinks that my nude body is sexual. if you think it's normal for women to adjust to the rules of what other men find attractive I don't see anything fanatical and suppressing about the fact that other cultures force women to cover their hair because it's considered sexual and mature content! It's the same ridicolous hypocrisy that dominates the world of today. I am sick of it. :-) The only perversions are the mature filters!
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I have been a nudist for many years and enjoy just being nude. Glad you have found the most freeing experience of your life.

<p>I am with you on everything you said, I belong to a nudist resort and when one of the ladies breast fed her son in the pool is was so nice to see and so natural. The boy would move his hand back and forth in a wanting fashion when he want to nurse. As he moved around the pool he would make the motion every time he saw a lady. That was so funny to see.</p>

We came into this world naked, why is there such a big Taboo about being naked throughout our life.

Curious as to when was first time nude in front someone else? When was first time nude with family ? When was first time nude in a public place ? I was comfortable being nude in each instance , though it made others uncomfortable. I learned to totally respect others comfort as well & only go nude where it's accepted.

You are so correct, particulalry the part about a person being able to innocent when naked and sexual when clothed.

nakedness is innocent - nudity is self-conscious

I am a seasonal outdoor nudist visiting nudist resorts in VA, NC and SC. Some of you might give it a try next spring. Many are open year round.

I agree with you on the idea that you should be able to bare your breast if a man can, However, I truely feel that a women's breasts are sexual. My female partner has beautiful breasts and if I play with them she becomes more aroused, and if she does the same with mine I feel it a little but not so much. My partner is turned on by me playing with her breasts and I am turned on by playing with her breasts. Both ways here her breasts are sexual. I think that is the way it is for many people. However, maybe breasts are sexual because baring them is tabo.

I agree. The problem is religions that say nudity is shameful and all of that other garbage have ruined this world. I don't think there is anything wrong with being naked, but the problem is living with a family that does not feel the way I do. I don't very often get the opportunity to be nude during the day time unless I am taking a shower or something. It will be nice to get away from here and live somewhere that I can be naked all the time.

Actually in Hinduism, there is the idea of being "digambar" where the person who is nude,is not simply naked,but he/she is clothed by the entire Universe!

I didn't know about that, but I didn't say all religions are like that. I just said that some are.

I am so with you and wish the churches wern't so blind and falsley condemming what thay should not. They also block out good christian and they do not understand why? I have seen purity in this and there ida is no way this can be pure? I have seen more sexual intrest in textiles?

Well written story, and I agree. I think that taboos against nudity are unnatural (and the obsession with it being "sexual" just ANNOYING). If whatever gods may be didn't want me to be naked, they wouldn't have made me this way to begin with.<br />
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I think clothing came about because we didn't want to freeze our bits off. And maybe because, you know, it doesn't feel great when you get poison ivy on your arse while running through the forest, LOL. Clothing can also be a symbolic thing, like the things shamans or priests wear, a way of saying "this is my profession."

This is a great story you have written. You made some really great points. Most of the ideas about nudity being solely sexual are grounded in religious belief. Sex is referred to as "original sin", yet in Christianity for instance God told Adam and Eve to "be fruitful and multiply". Why would God tell them to do something and then condemn them for doing it? The Bible also says that "they were both naked and were not ashamed" also say that "God looked upon everything he had created and saw that it was good". When Adam and Eve fell, they covered themselves. God said to them "Who told you that you are naked?". The key is in the name if the forbidden tree....the tree of KNOWLEDGE of good and evil. Their sin was disobedience, not their nudity ar sexual activity. They werent covering their bodies necessarily because the were naked in itself. They disobeyed God, ate of the forbidden tree (it says "eyes were opened", and they began to think of their nudity as being sinful and shameful. Followers took that and ran with it, saying that God hates nakedness and sex (except in the strict bonds of marriage). Nothing is farther from the truth. God didnt take animal skins and cover them to hide their bodies, he did it to help them overcome their newfound embarassment so theyd come out of the bushes. Nowhere in the Bible does it say that its a sin to be naked....nowhere. Yet somehow Christians accepted that as a fact and have held onto it ever since. Other religions with similar stories, have done the very same thing....and so we have this nudity=sex mentality which is passed on from generation to generation.

Jesus also said thou shalt not kill. God killed millions of men women and children in The Flood. One rule for God and another rule for man?

I believe the Hebrew word that was poorly translated means murder. Thou shalt not murder.
One of many screw-ups by the dedicated, hunched over ink scribblers of long ago.
Besides, you're comparing apples with oranges here.

Very well expressed, sweetie!

I live in a humid tropical country and I sure wish that I could have gone outdoors totally nude! Imagine what it would be like to shower in the rainm totally nude and free!

I would walk around topless, but I need support! (boom boom)<br />
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Ok... I'll get my coat!

I agree with you baby doll! :)