Nudity Is Natural And Freedom

I think that nudity is natural as we come into the world nude when we are born so why not live nude and be happy with out any constraints of clothing bothering to touch the body. I love being nude and live nude and would work nude if I could but in my job I cannot. I make up for it at home I stay totally nude and i am at my happiest and most relaxed like this so nuity to me is natural.
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7 Responses Sep 22, 2010

Could not agree more with you. I am always nude at home when i am not working and if I could be nude at work, I would be. It is just a nice way for me to relax after a long day at work.

I suppose that clothes do have their practical uses, like keeping us protected from the elements etc, but within our homes where the environment is more controlled, we don't reallly need to where clothes...unless we want to!

I also like to be nude as often as possible. I don't know who made us to wear clothes, whoever he or she was, I dislike them.

it is a great pity that people mistake one being comfortable with one's self, with sexuality! being nude has nothing to do with sexyness!!!

I do that when i get the chance of when i'm home alone.I have a stay-at-home mom and stepdad.:P Live comfortable!

Yeah, that's what I always do at home too :)

Very well expressed!