First Time Around Others

My first experience going nude in front of other people was while my husband and I were on vacation celebrating our first anniversary. 

We went an all-inclusive resort in Jamaica for a week long stay.  On the morning of our second day there we met another couple who invited us to spend the day on the beach with them.  They did inform us that the beach was clothing optional.  Hubby and I discussed it and agreed to go along with then for the experience. 

When we arrived we got our beach chairs and towels arranged and our new friends didn't hesitate stripping nude.  They are both attractive, a black couple a few years older than we are but in good physical shape.   I really didn't decide if I was going to participate or just observe the surrondings.  Before long with a little encouragement hubby took off his suit and joined them nude, now I'm the only one still wearing mine.  It took about a half hour and lots of encouragement, the drink did help, for me to take my top off.  It felt a bit strange going topless in front of everyone at first but I became more comfortable as time went on.  A few more drinks and I ended up taking my bottoms off and going totally nude for the first time.  I felt both nervous and excited but enjoyed the experience.  That was the first of many days spent nude on the beach that week.  We also spent time together nude in our rooms back at the resort enjoying our anniversary vacation and having a totally new experience.

Since that time almost five years ago I have learned to enjoy going nude.  Now I'm usually always nude around home and we visit a few resorts and beaches when we have the time.

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12 Responses May 17, 2011

Good story! Being nude around others is a wonderful experience. yes, its a bit scary the first time, but once you do it, its great.

Really why would you do that.

Nothing quite like walking naked on the beach.

A nice, enjoyable story!<br />
Very well expressed!

You. Are hooked. Its addicting isn't it being naked other than at home feels good .

What did you enjoy most about that first experience, seeing others or being seen?

Awesome. I wonder what the long term benefits are of such trips. Namely does public nudity with your spouse lead to better sexual and social relationships fpr the couple. My guess is it would, what do the rest of you think?

I think being open with nudity does contribute to a better relationship as long as both people are accepting of each other and enjoy the situations.

I would love to go to a nude beach or resort, if only my wife would go for it.

It is a wonderful feeling to let go.

great story.....i like the drink effect part.i have a coule of drinks at our beach house ,especially at night.......and iam gettin naked sooner rather than wife follows me around with a towel.

Good for you.

There really is nothing like it and after you get over that first time stripping in front of strangers it takes nothing to do it again..........