Nudity Is Normal For Me

I have always enjoyed being at home nude, even when my Daughter was growing up.
We often took everything off and watched TV in the nude.
We never felt any shame in displaying our bodies so openly. She has admitted to adopting the same routine in her home.
Guess I call myself a secret naturist, and have never been to any beaches or resorts.
I have always felt that being free of clothing, even for short periods, is sensuously delicious and mentally freeing.
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You really do need to get to a beach or a resort or two. It truly is a wonderful experience and one you will never regret. Talk it over with your Daughter she may want to go with you.

I agree. I work from home a lot and always, like now, work completely naked. It is a good feeling.

Yes being nude is a great feeling, so natural yet so many frown on it,,,

We are a home and public nudist family. I have 9 biracial kids and I am 37 now. We love being nude, sleep nude, and shower nude together too. We have no rules here.

Good for you. I love the freedom of being nude. My daughter would join me on many occasions in the yard and also watching the TV. Yes it is very sensuously delicious

lol, it's amazing and awesome.

You seem very "put together". Life's experiences are not always fun, but they are what refines us to be what we are. I am glad that you enjoy being nude. I would urge you do try social nudity at a family oriented resort. You will be a bit nervous for an hour or so but that is all the longer it lasts. The textile world does not offer the genuineness or the level of friendship offered there!

It so natural and freeing more families should be like you. Thanks

It's great that and your daughter can enjoy the comfort of being nude together! It shows that being nude is not necessarily a sexual issue!

love how you describe nudity ,is sensuously delicious :)

I wish there were a nudist club where I live. Sigh.

yeah me too , thinks sometime the whole world needs to attend one once in a while :)

Being nude at home is just beautiful. Try talking about your love of nudity in a casual way to friends. You might well find that some share your passion for going without clothes. I doubt if anyone will think less of you for being honest. We are naked at home a lot and all our friends and family members know we are naturists. Today is a typical day. Soon I'll be going out and have to get dressed, but I just love the sensation of being without anything on.

Living in the "bible belt" I don't get much chance to be naked outdoors but I am almost always naked at home :o) I have been to the nude beach down in St. Maarten a few times. It's a family nude beach and it was wonderfully liberating. It was just as exciting seeing all the nude men, women and families as it was being seen nude by them. I guarantee there would be a lot less wars going on if everyone went around naked ;oD LOL

That's awesome, I'm the same way! I ready to do it socially now though.

I SO agree!!!<br />
The first time we went to a nude beach, it was great going in the ocean naked. It took my poor hubby a few minutes to.....ummm...relax, ;), been hooked and tanned all over ever since

well my family was bought up as nudists the only one that still in the lifestyle is my daugther who is now 30,she used to bring her female friends here to be nudealways so nice to see young ladies nudeand she is bi and i seen her enjoying her herself eating ***** and playing with toys,

got to agree society is so narrow minded .Brought my family up nudist but sadly as they got in their teens and high school peer pressure took its toll and now I am the only fulltime nudist in our home kids and wife when they feel fit.

My wife is like you, would rather be naked than ever have any clothes on. There are some great resorts in different parts of the country (I have tried some of the ones in CA and AZ). You might want to try vacationing at one, Nothing like being naked all day to really relax you.

I love being where I am in central west Fl. There are a number of nudist resorts in the area with one county having 5 resorts. The one I belong to is about an hour and a half away. I can get an early start and spend all day being comfortable in a community of nudists. There are cabins and motel rooms on site where one can stay over for the night or one can arrange for a longer stay if you like. Its just wonderful.

agree... nudity is natural

I don't go around naked outside, although I would like to, but when I'm at home I go around naked when I can.

You should be comfortable in your own home, and if you and your daughter is ok with it, well that's great! <br />
Clothes are too irritating to have to wear them at home too!

When I come home with a migraine, losing the clothes is the first thing do!

You really ought to try one of the resorts, there are some very nice ones.

You may enjoy reading, "Growing up without shame," by Dennis Craig Smith. It's about kids and nudity. I was going to write a paper on the topic a few years back and found it to be the definitive and one of the few resources on the topic.

There is a "secret naturist society" website. Just google. It's very safe. <br />
I don't wear clothes unless I absolutely have to. If I'm at home, I'm nude, unless someone calls and wants to come over, who would be uncomfortable with it.

You set a great example for your daughter. Any reasonable person should be comfortable nude.

I fully agree

I like your wholesome attitude toward simple and casual nudity.


Gud..keep it up...and enjoy more :)

You are probably more correctly defined as a home nudist.

well i also support nudity but i wud prefer it with my husband or bf not parents. But whenever i get a chance to be alone all i do is to enjoy being nude at my place. Even i fondle with my parts on my own while being nude...

I very much agree with being positive about nudity, I like outdoor nudity too and ofetn walk naked in a wooded area near my home, well i do wear some shoes!

I wish we would have raised our daughters as you have done. Unfortunately, I am and have always been the only person in all of my family with a positive additude toward nudity.