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I Am At Peace Being Nude.

Its completely natural to be nude,we were born nude but due to constraints of the society that we live in we decided to dress ourselves us.But its a personal choice really,i go to sleep completely nude,whenever i am alone at my place i dont wear makes me a part of nature..the natural ambience..We have a garden in our backyard,i roam about nude there..i feel like a free bird amidst the flowers and trees.Those who have not yet tried this ,i suggest atleast for once drop ur clothes and breath easy.You will feel awesome.
sweetheartchulbuli sweetheartchulbuli 22-25, F 41 Responses May 14, 2012

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That is so true. I have been doing it for 50 years and still love it.

We are a third generation of nudists and enjoy being nude with family and friends. We live in the country and have no neighbors around. We do everything nude and is so fulfilling, exciting, and a great way of life. I do everything in the nude; house cleaning, gardening, swimming, sunbathing, and attend and host nudist parties.

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Finally a group of people who understand the beauty of being naked

Being nude with others is even better.

I don't decide to dress myself. I am expected to clothe my body when going out. I would prefer to go out into society without clothing. I would like to go grocery shopping, to the movies, to the park, on a leisurely bike ride, or any public place without clothing, but I can't because I would be seen as 'indecent' and have the police called on me. My family and I are nude outside my home as much as possible. we go to nude beaches, nude resorts, and the homes of friends and family that don't mind or are also nudists. When in the car, the kids love to ride nude and most of the time they do. If it's nighttime, the wife and I are also driving nude. But if we want to go anyplace else without clothing, all hell would break loose. It shouldn't be that way. Everybody knows what everyone else's naked body looks like yet, we are force to hide them. Sorry if I'm ranting.

I agree. It's natural to be naked.

I agree nudity is beautiful!

Walking barefoot on mildly wet grass is a wonderful thing - unless you happen to step into 'something' - and doing it butt naked can even be a greater experience! :)

I think that doing things nude is much better than doing them clothed such as housework and cooking. I have been a nudist since my thirties (older than that now) and I so enjoy the freedom of removing clothes after work and spending time relaxing with my family or enlightened friends. I am lucky enough to have a secluded back yard and my tan line is currently under my watch. I think the feeling of a breeze on the entire body is wonderful and augments the natural state of being nude. I am happiest when nude, at beaches or at home. I think if everyone were naked from time to time, we would have a better world because we might see more clearly our connection to nature and maybe we would take better care of our planet.

I think it would be great to at least have one part of the world that was completely au naturale'.
It would be more healthy than all of the silly hang ups we have about our bodies and takes some of the edge off of the differences between people cos it's like being direct. We would probably feel better about taking more care of our bodies too. Only problem I see is clothing sales would be down.

I agree, clothes are too irritating to wear when you don't have to wear them!

agreed with this

I read your message I walked around my apartment naked yesterday and while I am a guy I didn't find it sexual just natural

It's a heck of a lot more comfortable. That's for sure, if the weather is agreeable.

I know how you feel and enjoy being nude too. I am usually always nude at home and visit resorts and nude beaches when we have the time. Love being nude!

You must tell me which beaches are good for nudity

Its brings back the time as u were born

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Being nude gives you a divine feeling and gets you close to nature. I love it and encourage it!

I stay in a hotel with a roommate when on reserve duty. I still sleep nude. We've seen each other naked after showers so its not that big deal. Just ask.

AGREE and totally accept the power of nudity in our lives

ye a i love being in that way to

I agree; even though I'm not as slim as I once was, I enjoy being au natural.....

I admire you for being genuine.. It wil b exciting to try it .. thnx :)

Yeah.. Realization comes very late in life, for during young we just assume the dress given to us. Over time I realized how even Gender was given to us as a robe. do wish to travel to Nudist resorts / places sometime to feel nature in its true self.

I could not agree with you more - you have hit the nail on the head. Well done for articulating your thoughts so clearly.

Your being "at peace" is a good way of putting it. That one word sums up all the feelings I include when trying to say the same thing. Comfortable, relaxed, at ease, one with nature, the therapeutic effects of casting off clothing and cares at the same time.

I did'nt thought,i will get so much appreciation for doing what i like..its overwhelming!!!

Being nude is peaceful and I think good for the soul. I've slept naked for most of my life and never wear anything in bed when away from home either. Never answered the door naked except when at nudist resorts. <br />
<br />
We enjoy home nudity a lot and share this with our nudist friends. A lot of common sense in the replies here to the original lovely comments.

In my sister's words, I'm the exhibitionist of the family, so nudity of any sort doesn't phase me. Whether it's the innocence of children running around the house or backyard naked and carefree, or the type you'd see in paintings, sculptures, and photos, being naked is the best way to be.

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