I think in America and Britain the attitude to nudity is quite strange. It seems to be seen as rude or a prelude to sex. I find in more healthy in Europe and other places where going naked is seen as more natural and nothing to behave in an immature way about.
My parents (well dad) are old hippies so never had hang ups about their body. I could go naked as a girl and they didn't bother. I spend summers naked at my uncles house in the Ukraine and have even allowed some locals to see me like that. Even the young men are not rude towards me and just let men hang out with them what ever I am or am not wearing. It is relaxed and nice.
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Haha, people tend to forget that most of us are actually born--completely nude(shocker!)

I blame the whole Protestant/Puritanism thing.

On a recent trip to Berlin we took a bus to the Brandenburg Gate and, sitting on the top deck saw people happily sunbathing nude in the Tiergarten. Later during our stay, we visited a large spa and spent the whole afternoon naked taking swims and enjoying the many different saunas and just chilling out. Clearly sex and nudity are linked in our lives, but many ways of being nude are devoid of sex for us naturists. At the moment, we have warm weather here in England and our days have been blessed with many unclad hours at home, in our garden, the sun club and regular nudist swim sessions we attend. Nudity is less of a taboo now, I think, but many people we know just say "It's not for us". Shame. They don't know what they are missing. <br />
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Soon we are off to Spain for two weeks at a naturist resort and our luggage will be very light. Since the 1970s the attitude over there has changed so quickly as it has in Portugal and even things are changing in Italy. <br />
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Meanwhile, here in all but a few saunas, and pools we are expected to wear swimming costumes which is the reverse of most of Europe. Our garden is well screened by trees and fences, only being slightly overlooked by one neighbour's upper window but they tend to keep the drapes pulled accross and so we are free to enjoy sunbathing, dining al fresco and gardening unclad. We get on very well with our neighbours and they do know we are nudists.

I would love to have the courage and the love of my body to go nude. Ive been married 3 years and my husband hasnt even seen me naked, i always run to jump under the quilt before he comes in the bedroom.. Lol, i laugh but its sad in a way but thats the way i am. I dont concider myself repulsive or anything, just shy i suppose.

America definitely needs to accept a healthy and different attitude toward nudity. One of the first changes I would like to see is allowing nude swimming in indoor swimming pools.

I pretty much stay mostly nude until I am forced to wear clothes for company, to go outside, etc. On days that I do not work, have class a rehearsal or a performance, I might go the whole day in panties and a camisole or a light shirt.<br />
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I am so used to have so little clothes on that I sometimes slip up and show more than some people want to see.

hey i would love to be adde and chat with you soemtime and i agree the rules of nudity are qutie werid here i know in canada girls can be topless wich would be the same has guys cause whne you think about guys and girls both havae nipples

Here in India also nudity can't be even talked about. Here also nudity is considered as 'mental disorder'. In family life the women don't take off cloths while making love(sex) with their hubbies if lights are on ! I m however, a lover of nudity and many times sleep naked when alone. I enjoy and feel thrilled when walk naked in my house and it is possible only when my wife, children or any body else is not present and when I have to close all doors etc...! But still I enjoy nudism some time and for some time...!

Yaa I do. But it is all discretely..! I wish I was there among u all who enjoy freedom from cloths...!

I don't see why people wear clothes at home, where they have greater privacy!<br />
Clothes are too irritating, and many times we are nude at home too!<br />
It's wonderful to see you can be comfortably nude, with understanding people

I agree that Continental European attitudes are more mature. I can't speak about the UK, but I think some Puritan heritage still haunts us in the States along with an industry that makes money out of equating nudity with sex.