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Getting Paid To Be Naked.

Yesterday I was Paid to be naked. Way cool. Actually they don't know i was naked when I was working for them and they would probably freak out if they knew. Okay. I am not a super model or a **** star. I am a contractor. I remodel and make repairs at homes and businesses. I live in the cuntry and my workshop is there as well. I had several doors to be refinished so i was working on them in my shop. I spent all day yesterday sanding, filling holes, (not that kind) and painting these doors. All I had on was my flip flops . I had the shop doors rolled up, classic rock blaring, and wind blowing through my shop. I could walk outside and be in the hot Texas sun. ******* awesome!!
Ramrod68 Ramrod68 41-45, M 7 Responses Jul 19, 2012

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<p>Sounds Great!! I have done numerous things nude and truly enjoy the feeling especially outdoors. After my my wife moved out, (it was OK with me because she turned into a pude over the 23 years), I would do most of the house chores nude and most often the outdoor yard chores nude as well on the somewhat secluded 40 acres of woods with a cleared acre around the house. Things like gardening, lawn mowing and painting. But not running the chain saw, I am not circumcised and don't want to be. So I say we should all enjoy nude activities as much as possible.</P>

LOL I do the same thing except I'm a contract computer programmer who works mainly from home. I really only need to get dressed for meetings or throw on a shirt if I'm skyping ;)

Ditto, except I was a regular programmer and worked at home for years and years. Everyone at work knew I was a nudist and I'm sure they all knew I wasn't dressing for work.

Sounds perfect...getting paid while enjoying something you like to do anyway.

I've worked nude in the office when I knew that my officemates were going to be out (they aren't comfortable with it). The folks in the bank tower across the street either don't care or can't see in.

I loved working nude whenever I could - which was a lot of the time. Fun, ain't it?<br />
I may have to go back to work again so I can enjoy it some more. LOL

Good job.

Right on ! I love being productive while naked.