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After All Their Are Male Bodies And Female Bodies, Get Over It!

I live with Ole and Carl, and for much of the time indoors together I am naked. I love their attentions, and the sexploits we have together!

You don't know how good it is to be with two guys!
rizzo4606 rizzo4606 22-25, F 7 Responses Sep 2, 2012

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pretty cool life style :)

It's about time that women were allowed to admit that they, like us guys, would like to have two simultaneous sexual partners! You go, girl!!

Sounds like 2 VERY lucky men

You are without a doubt one very lucky lady.

I love it when my wife's boyfriend stays with us for a few days. She also loves having 2 men making love to her. On weekends, we just stay naked, a great feeling.

A woman living in a sexual relationship with 2 men seems far more natural to me than a man having 2 or more women. Do the guys have sex with each other too ?

Of course!

Do you mean of course it`s more natural or yes they do have sex together & do the 3 of you ever have a bi 3 some ? And,,,,,,, can we be friends.

I mean we have sex, the three of us, the two men with me. They are not bisexual at all.

Even so, I think they are lucky guys to share their life with a woman like you.

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An enjoyable story! It was good to read about how<br />
relaxing and fun it is for you and the two guys to<br />
be nude together!