Taking To It Like Naturals

Children are the freest of us having no pre concieved notions. They will get and stay naked in front of strangers, comfortably. Only as they get older and are told to cover up or discouraged from the nudity. It is sad something so natural is made into a social taboo.
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Very true.

Yes, children have to be taught to wear clothes, and then taught to be offended by someone who doesn't conform. When people whine that some naked person is "hurting children" by being naked, it is complete fiction. Children don't care about naked except for the body phobia that parents have taught them. Its the parents, not the children, who get up-tight about human bodies. <br />
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Allowing children to see naked human bodies undermines the parents up-tight phobia teaching. Its harder to teach children to fear their bodies if they see other adults who don't.

I like the way you put it. Well said!!