Literal Nudity

I was reminded today why I joined this group.

I always like to check out a site called as I have an interest in CFNM. I like the way women act and how they look at your gear in such a situation. I find it a real turn on. However today I saw a couple of pictures at Marie's site that reminded me of a few years ago when I used to swim regularly to keep fit.

The photos I am referring of are a couple of guys obviously in competitive swimming wearing red speedo type swim trunks. Nowadays the guys usually wear those swimsuits that are full-body rather than the small speedo trunks that are very revealing.

I used to wear those tight speedos myself when I swam to stay fit for various social water sports like water polo I belonged to. I use to wear them when playing any water sport or at the beach, pool etc where going naked was not acceptable.

The thing is in the photos there is women around but not really taking much notice of the fact the guys might as well be totally naked probably as they see them like this all the time. I use to swim early in the morning when the teams were training and like in the photo none of the girls and women around from mothers, coaches etc took any notice of all the male genitals on display as it was just normal. The same was true of all the females in any of the water sports I was involved in. As a nudist I never gave any thought of it being a display and no one ever said anything or made anything of it.

At meets and training I now realise it was real eye-candy for all the females as there was a large number of guys wandering around in those tight speedo trunks as full-body suits had not made any impact yet.

It occured to me if nudity or in this case literal nudity, as all can be seen anyway, is seen all the time it becomes natural and not a thing that is titalating or naughty.

Marie's comments made me laugh though as she preferred it (all showing through the swimsuit) to totally naked. She even commented on how she could make out their balls. Women usually do not comment on seeing a guys balls if they are going to comment it is usually just about their dicks. Maybe the swimsuit accentuated their balls. She was however clearly titalated, maybe there was some when I was swimming who were too but never knew it as everyone just acted like it was natural.

I am adding this in as it occured to me after logging out that there was two types of those trunks. The more expensive ones had a double lining over the genital area to minimise the showing through effect, never the less they did to some degree and the cheaper ones that had only one layer of material that were like in the photos. Being a scrooge I brought the cheaper ones, wouldn't now as they tended to rot faster in the cholorine chocka pool water thereby needing replacing more often and probably ended up costing me more than buying the quality ones. The cholorine effect is why I like to go to nudist swim nights, really saves on the cost of buying swimming trunks all the time.
happynudist happynudist
36-40, M
Dec 3, 2012