I Like My Friends To See Me Nude

I seem to enjoy stripping naked in front of my friends. Not doing anything with them really, just being completely naked around them. There is some sexual thrill to it though, but even so, no matter how strong that is it also makes me feel vulnerable and therefore somehow brings me closer to them in some ways. I don't really know why I enjoy it so much though. Every time I ***** down naked hanging with one friend particularly I always get erections and she notices them. She doesn't care however and doesn't say anything or stare, it's just kinda arousing wanting to know what she is thinking. It's never really awkward except for once when I reached over her to get a charger and had a huge erection that was about 1/2 inch from her foot/leg. But I didn't touch her or anything. Idk I guess I just appreciate opinions on this. Have you ever liked being naked in front of your friends? Is it right/wrong? Should I stop? Would you let your friends get naked and/or get naked with them? Discuss discuss.
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5 Responses Jan 12, 2013

Its normal I use to stay naked in front of my mother in law and a female neighbor it is arousing. Add me as a friend if you want

with me living by myself right now if my friends want to come over and get naked they can i really wont care. i love being naked as well so its all good. just relaxing being comfortable and having a nice time. bring your girfriends or wives with you. lets all be friends

My friends know my family and I are nudists. I have been nude in front of many of them before, some have joined in. One of my friends prefers not to be nude, but I recently posted a story about how I took his son and niece on a trip to a theme park and his son exposed his cousin to the joys of being nude and it turned out to be an amazing 4 days for her. Nothing wrong with that!

I agree with you its kinda fun I like being nake also in front of my friends but when I get a erection they stare especially in front of my female inlaws

That's a great story. Being naked has deep psychological feelings of being whole and accepted. Covering up denies yourself in a deep way. Once you have been seen naked and not criticized you are accepted in ways that being together clothed can never match. Carpe Diem!