Jogueriam Ai Bochas

During any freetime in the summer, as I have mentioned in other stories, I join my friends at the beach. We often go all the way down to Collioure, when we want a little more freedom we make for a more isolated place just along from the avenue Aristide Maillol, close to the car park above the Lit de la Cadenisse.

The Cadenisse looks more like a road, but it is the path of an old river, which can flood (as can the other two 'rivers' of Collioure), they are often thick with parked cars. However, it is there we have played our own game of boules or petanque, but with a difference.

Near the railroad viaduct we played an extreme game of boules during which I took off my tee shirt and my pareu (my usual apparel for the trips to Collioure) to throw with distraction in mind, putting off the guys I played against because I was naked. It was such fun, and their competitiveness was undermined by my jiggling at their turns naked, ignorant of anyone watching us from the car park or the road close by.

Nudity is natural after all, and despite the fact my parents would be aghast at my attitude to personal nudity when I am out with my friends, I have sat with them, in my pareu on the beach, debating why we haven't the freedom to be naked in our lives instead of clothed all the time. We all know there are women and there are men. Two sexes, two differing bodies. Why do we exhibit such an immature attitude to seeing naked people?
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2 Responses Jan 16, 2013

Those are good questions. I will let the uptight puritans give you the answer.

I am so glad that many young people are going naked. Clothes are uncomfortable and non-green. Manufacturing and laundering clothes wastes huge quantities of natural resources in total. And its so unneeded much of the time. Glad you and your friends are comfortable naked.