Walking Nude To The Beach

Before getting married, any nude beach was one of my favorite destinations. It could be a popular family nude beach, such as Black’s Beach near San Diego or Haulover near Miami. Or it could be a secluded spot found by word of mouth, through nudist publications, or upon personal discovery. (This was before the internet made nude locations easy to find.)

One such secluded beach was in Florida. It was on a key shared with a popular, beautiful textile beach. The nude portion was way beyond the clothed beach and not widely known as frequented by nudists.

The two easiest ways to get to the nude portion was either walking along the beach from the clothed section or walking from the regular parking lot, parallel to the beach, on the dirt path fire access road. I usually walked the fire road since it was an easier walk than on the beach sand. Another benefit of the fire road was once you rounded a bend you were no longer visible to anyone in the parking lot, only to those further down the road. This was not a road frequented by many people; usually only those going to or coming from the hidden nude beach. Often, after rounded the bend, I would remove what little clothing I was wearing and walk naked the rest of the way.

One time though, while nude, I saw a clothed couple walking towards me, after they had rounded a bend up ahead. They were not dressed like they were coming from the nude beach. They looked like tourists from the Midwest, with inappropriate clothing for the beach. I was in a quandary as what to do. They were 100 yards or so away, they looked to be about 30 years old, and they could clearly see I was naked. It seemed if I put on my shorts I would be admitting I was guilty of something. At the same time, they were walking only a short distance away from other nude people. Maybe they had already seen them.

I decided to remain nude and pretend it was normal. As we passed each other, one of them made a snide comment to the other about what they had just witnessed. At that point I was pleased I remained naked and did not succumb to their prejudices against nudity in a non-sexual context. I sometimes wonder if, after some contemplation, that encounter opened either of their minds to understand a nude human enjoying nature, is nature in its essence.
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2 Responses Jan 18, 2013

I'm going to go to my first nude beach this summer can't wait

Good for you going naked. You are exactly right that covering up admits guilt while remaining naked asserts that naked is acceptable. Having seen naked people they perhaps thought about it for some years before concluding that naked is more natural. The more naked people are seen, the more acceptable it becomes to just be naked.

I am curious about your opening line about "before getting married." The first date I took with my wife was to a hot spring for a naked soak. Getting married is not a reason to cover up even if she doesn't understand naked. Carpe Diem!

The reason for the "before getting married" was to explain why I was alone going to the nude beach.

Not only was I nude in front of this couple, I was completely non-sexual.