Wedgie Weekend

my friends envited me for a sleepover at there house there parents had gone to spain for the weekend with my parents. i took all my stuff over to theres as soon as i got in the house myfriend amy poured cream down the back of my pants. they saw i was wearing a thong and grab it and pulling it in the air they were say whats this. they striped me naked and saidput these on it was a thong that said touch for a shag they fourced it one me. i ran up to the bath room while i did this they invited a load if people from school when i came out they said lets play fance dess. teygot mein a cheerleading out fit all the girls from school pulled up the thong then the boys hit my butt with sticks then they got me in a thong again and put a dipper over it. in the dipper they put cream eggs cocolate mushrooms and ants .they grabed my thing and hung me out side in the tree they took lodsof pics they kept me there all weekend and every so ofden plled me harder they kept me there all weekend now when ever i go out to break at school i get takeld and my skit up and have a wedgie then get hung on the flag pole. got any i deas how to get amy back?
wegiegiver wegiegiver
1 Response Dec 9, 2012

Shoot her or light her pants on fire.