I have written about this before but a conversation today made me realise how soon Christmas will be upon us.

Around 6 years ago on an icy Christmas Eve I was walking in a forest with my dogs when I came across a large fir tree laden with lots of bright sparkling decorations and messages, prayers etc, for xmas.

This surreal magical image has always stayed with me. I had no idea who was responsible, but have since heard rumours that it's a school teacher with her class.

I decided to follow suit and each year since I have decorated forest trees on Christmas Eve. Last year it occured to me that the birds might think the decorations were treats and try to eat them So instead I bought lots of coconuts filled with fats and tied them from branches with red and gold tinsel.

I love the thought of familys walking in the forest on Christmas Day seeing the decorated tree and then branches here and there sparkling with the festive bird feeders.

( will add pics later )
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I live near some woods where many walkers, cross country skiers, snowshoe walkers and letter boxers do decorate random trees in the woods with food for the birds. I love the effect, but I worry a little bit about the consequences. The animals become accustomed to having food available at certain locations, and when the bits of suet or seed are not refilled, then the animals go hungry. I have multiple feeders in my yard and around my home, and I keep them filled- I love seeing the birds...... But I do love the feeling of walking and just happening on such sights. It is wonderful to know that people think of ways to interact with nature, especially in this digital age.....

Hiya, yes, a friend keeps teling me not to feed the willd life, they have to find their own food. I fed fox cubs a while back but then realised if they lost their fear of humans they were at greater risk of being killed so I stopped feeding them.(Well I only did it the one time )
But I think it's ok to put food up for the birds . especially at Xmas
And yes, the forest trees look so pretty :)

I admit that I have hung a bit of suet here and there as well.... :-) No worries....

And I love seeing the baby fox cubs- we have quite a few around children love spotting them in the fields and darting across paths.....

We have families of foxes, deer and badgers and I often see then out walking the dogs. The deet and their young in the morning mist always take me by surprise as they look so beautiful :)

yes lovely

The deer have such grace, combined with incredible skittishness.... we, too, have many deer. I have not seen badgers, but we do have quite a few beavers- and they make right proper messes of the trees. Oftentimes I have had to alter my intended path due to beaver created swaps...... fascinating to observe their progress and productivity. They are truly incredible engineers.... :-)

No, no, not deer .. deet! I dont think you have deets in your country :)

I would love to see beavers :)

I am sorry, I am confused....deet to me means insect repellant that was created by the military for jungle warfare...... are deet akin to snarks?

Oo deet?!!

Yes, we have snarks .. lots of them :)

LOL!!!! Understood.....

Haha .. the deets and snarks live in dense forest and are rarely seen but I have been lucky and seen them both at dawn :)

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A wonderful idea! Thank you. Can I add you to my circle? Howard

What a great idea,a Christmas tree for the birds.... But no doubt squirrels would eat the majority of it.

Well thats ok :)

I knew I liked you.

We've long had family tradition of making something for the birds before xmas. At our place, we start saving excess grease and bacon fat at Thanksgiving. I drill some holes in chunks of dead wood, and then sometime right before Xmas we plug the holes with the fat & peanut butter. We also sew garlands of popcorn - fun to watch the birds have at em during the holiday week when everyone's around the house.

Done it since I was a kid - I think mine will do it too. =)

Aw :) Love it!!! I don't make mine but would far prefer to .. but know I'd prob' drill a hole through my hand!!
And its brill' to have your kids carrying on the tradition :)

I am quite sure datura doesn't do this (just sayin')

lmao ... k, tas =)

Excuse me. I do several trees for the birds and some shrubberies for the raccoons and woodchucks. Not to mention the salt licks for the deer, and the corn for the turkeys.


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What if they fall on someone's head and kill them ?

Oh hell! Now you have me worried. I am imagining squirrels with broken limbs and concussion! :(

You could end up in court !......and all over the papers !!.......receiving hate mail !!! .....and death threats !!!!!

Oh thats great!!!! You have now ruined the one reliable source of delight and happiness for me at Xmas. Just moments ago (as I wondered how ill I was ) the thought of the sparkling tree and the cold little birds singing with joy as they flew towards the glittering tinsel in the trees.. lifted me up.
Now I feel sick and tense and can see the headlines .. SQUIRRELS AND BIRDS MAIMED AND MURDERED ON CHRISTMAS DAY!!!
Police have been tipped off about a woman in a long black coat, she may or may not own a border collie.
Big reward for her capture and incarceration.

It's a black comedy

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