I So Do

I think that this sight as my little getaway. It lets me say what ever that I want to say. I also am able to talk to other people. That is the best thing about this sight. I love to talk to other people that are not in the same state or country as I am. Its away to learn about them and where they come from. I just seem to spend a lot of time on here. it doesn't matter what you look like and what you believe in. Because people don't judge you at all. I like that the most. I also like sharing things about me that I would never tell anyone. People can comment on what I have said. I like my own getaway on this sight.
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2 Responses Feb 5, 2011

I quite agree. It's lovely to be able to read stories like yours and to answer questions and read a good joke or a pun and see the lovely answers. even the sharp retorts can be illuminating and remind us of the diversity of opinion here there and everywhere. Glad you enjoy it too.

Agreed!..i love the anonymity. We're all on the same level here on ep