Ep Makes My Life Meaningful

I came on EP on my son's 35th birthday.I was very depressed caused
i had a big misunderstanding with him.
That day i was googling when i accidently found EP.
My mood changes when i found so many stories written anonymously.
I started writing my stories and made many great friends.
Today 16 months later i have improved in knowledge and wisdom.
I have life within my sedentry lifestyle and am inspired and loved by many friends.
unshakable unshakable
61-65, F
1 Response Mar 22, 2011

The more I think about it...I think EP can serve as self therapy, because it's a great place to vent and share your stories that nobody in your physical world would be interested in hearing. At the same time you are helping others understand that they aren't alone with their frustrations. Good site!! :)<br />
Others can offer you suggestions and you don't feel alone with your thoughts anymore. I'm glad I found this site EP by accident.