A Blessed Treasure

Here I am once again treading on the hallowed ground of EP land. I am a solitary type generally. I am one of those dreaded sensitive "creative," "witchy" types you see..... I am far from pessimistic, however, admittedly, I find most people in "real" life are a bit, how shall I put this, petty, indelicate, crude, dull, uninspiring, self important, inhumane, hard headed, closed minded boar hogs?

EP is another world, the people I meet here are warm, bright, engaging, interesting, kind, and encouraging.  The most of them are hobby writers like myself. Oh, certainly, there is some "weeding out" required as with everything in life...but, my true EP friends are a delicious lot! When the world rattles me, when all seems hopeless, I run to EP and there are my blessed "EP friends" my "EP sisters" my "EP brothers" and they quickly pull me in, they embrace me in their warm fleshy EP arms and make me smile again. I have been here nearly one year now and this place is a treasure to me. Thank You and Blessed Be!
hillbillycrone hillbillycrone
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2 Responses Jan 24, 2012

Very well stated and I totally agree... Hobby writers unite!!

Cheers to the hobby writers, here here! Thank You!!

Thank you Kayblue! You are a kind and wise soul, I too am glad that we are friends! =)