Sometimes It's The Only Thing That Helps Me Get By.....

I am so thankful I came across EP. This sounds really pathetic and I apologize in advance for it but I came across it when I did a search for "craving to be held". I felt I was weird as it was something I was thinking about all the time so I goggled it and an EP story came up. I was moved by what I read and knew that I would really benefit from having a safe place to share all my thoughts and feelings.
That was almost a year ago to the day. In that time I have come into contact with some amazing people. I love speaking to them, sharing their lives and am honoured to read such powerful and moving pieces of writing on the site.
In a personal sense, it has been a lifeline for me. Whenever things are hard in my personal life, I know I can log onto EP and there will always be my blog or someone to confide in. I am SO thankful for that. Right now, I live a life where I feel like my thoughts and feelings aren't appropriate or cared about. I bottle everything up but here, I can be the real me. Amazingly, even after revealing my true self, people still want to be my friend and think well of me. That just means everything.
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4 Responses Mar 23, 2012

I adore you Jenni, I enjoyed this post very much. xx

Awwwww! my pleasure and i mean't every word of it, my darling! :D

EP is my getaway from RL

I feel my darling friend! You have nothing to apologise for! :D This is how you feel, this is you! <br />
You have come to the right place, which is what EP is all about, sharing yourself with likeminded members! and make friends along your journey through EP! I to am so glad you found EP and are able to share your thoughts and feelings through the website! (good old EP) a life line for some Epeeps! and wow, it has worked wonders! <br />
You are an amazing person yourself and i am definitely honoured to be considered your friend here on EP <br />
I love you for who you are! Don't go changing stay as you! :D <br />
<br />
May i thank you so much for sharing your very interesting post my gorgeous darling !EP friendly friend! :D :D <>