Inner Sanctuary

I live quite near the sea; it`s a shallow tide and a joy for the kids to play in. Weekends are the busiest with daytrippers mixing with those on holiday. The town reflects this tranquil description with nobody rushing about and traffic reduced to a crawl with multiple crossings. St Annes boasts thirteen charity shops and browsers pile in at the weekends. Every now and then the silence and the easy pace of life is shattered by the sirens of a emergency crews whizzing through the town, maybe to a more congested part of the coast and folk stop and stare in silence perhaps thinking of the tragedy waiting for the paramedics.It`s not always been like this for me working as I did in busy Manchester with a demanding schedule and sometimes I fee a bit like a long distance runner who has come to a grinding halt; half of me lurching forward, the other half saying "hang on, that`s all over". Quite often I feel as though I need sanctuary from this `divide` within me and maybe go for a drive or train journey, but it` too much hassle and reflect how I used to do this for the kids. Only by chance did I stumble across EP, unintelligently browsing on the PC. At first I was just curious at what seemed to be crowded page. So many options and choices, questions to be asked and answered; stories to be told and read, peoples lives freely exposed sometimes with a request for help. You know the list. I`ve only been on EP a short time, but as each day goes by I am drawn to hear of others experiences and all of the rest. Now it`s become part of my daily routine. Clean the flat,EP, do the shopping EP meet family or friends EP. Now at long last I can be as stretched or relaxed as I like. My brain has kicked in. Welcome to my inner sanctuary.
dougle dougle
66-70, M
2 Responses Apr 20, 2012

You are a good writer and I'm glad that you found here.
I was like a haven for me when I found ep almost two years ago. I had a tough time and searched for help. Now I stay for fun and to get to know interesting people like you and funny ones to joke around with.

I know what you's only been a month since I've been on and it's been very much a part of my routine. A very enjoyable routine at that. So many great people reside here from all walks of life and all types of experiences. I've so enjoyed meeting all kinds of fascinating people. It's been a welcomed treat to explore. I must say...that q&a section is so addicting!