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I Think of Him All the Time...

In my head, I think that I am a mind stalker...I think of him all the time, and can't get over it...although he ended it...Closure helped when he finally told me that it was over instead of just ignoring me...but I still can't help but think of him...I have urges to call or write, even though I know he doesn't want to hear from's just it was so good, and then it just ended...there was really no reason for it...I think I was just getting to close to his heart and he wasn't or isn't ready for that...
jen jen 26-30, F 1 Response Nov 29, 2006

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I totally empathize ... except i look at his myspace profile all the time even though i canceled mine ... its hard to get over someone .. i wrote a closure letter it helped for a minute but as soon as my rebound relationship ended ( because i was depressed and then Jake had messaged me ) i was right back to missing him more than i did when i was in the r/b relationship i still thought of him dreamed of him which made me feel really guilty when i was in the rebound relationship