I Think About Him All The Time

Ok well there's a co-worker on mine that I've guess you can say I've been crushing on a month now. Everytime I go to work I'm always wishing that he is there. Lately since I have school I work only Friday & Saturday. And sine he is out of school he works on the weeks days. This really sucks cause I wanna see him, ya know? The only thing that sucks it that I'm 15, a Sophmore in High School, where as he is 18 turning 19 next month. I know the age difference would get some people freaked out or something, but when I talk to him it doesn't even seem like the age if a problem to him. He still flirts with me, and shows he has a little interest in me. But I dont know. & he not a ********* or anything so don't get the wrong idea that just cause he flirting with someone younger does not make him a creep or anything.
hgomez15 hgomez15
13-15, F
Sep 23, 2012