The Name Of This Group Pretty Much Sums It Up

I incorporate him in almost everything. He has given me strength to believe in myself more and express myself entirely to him without feeling scared, embarrassed or like a burden. I think about him when I decide to pick a certain type of clothing to wear that day. To not bring about too much attention to myself when far away from him. I think about him when I want to tell him how my day was. I think about him in music. I think about him when it comes to school. He tells me to not give up, do my homework and keep on motivating myself to finish through college and pursuing whatever it is I want afterwards. I think about him when I take care of myself. I want to look exceptionally good for him, so he won't ever lose the sexual desires from within him. Although his seen me through my worst and still considers me to look beautiful otherwise, it is important to show that I care when I come to care enough for myself. I think about him whenever I decide to go to sleep. He always tell me sleep early, sleeping late is unhealthy for you and you know how you are if you don't get enough sleep. He never expects me to dramatically change, as a matter of fact he never excepts me to change who I am. I strive for more change though, while he just wants me to be happy and reminds me when I am going too far. I want to give him the world, provide him with everything and anything he ever wanted one step at a time. His an incredible caring, trustworthy, loyal and lovable boyfriend who I can never stop thinking about. I'm dearly happy to have him in my life and wouldn't have it any other way.
LaVitta LaVitta
18-21, F
1 Response Feb 9, 2013

<p>I am glad you have a man who care for you and makes you so happy,what is important is that he accepts you for who you are and respects you.Whithout those two qualities there cannot be any lasting happiness for you in this relationship in the future.Take care.</p>