Unseen All In Your Face

Where to start i Look at everyones Blog to get an Idea we Must all Havea Dark Past that will stay in the Back of your Mind Feeding on the Pain or Hate Luckly I got So Much my Past Is a Beast that Walkes. Yea sounds crazy but When i fill i cant take enuff he hands me the Gun, Knife, ect. I been able to walk away now 35 and hes back in my face telling Just ****** DO IT!! I think i want to get some Payback 1st I did not Make this Pain Alone and i should share it right if Pain and Hurt was a source of Money I'd Be one of the Richest Men Alive?  I Never wanted to Meet someone So Bad to share how crazy i fill and Show How Wounderful i really am ( cant type for ****) but boy can i Cook Guess that why Ill Burn in Hell Alone?
GeneUnseen GeneUnseen
31-35, M
Jul 13, 2010