What Makes A Girl A Woman?

Many challenges in life taught me to grow up fast. I've always tricked people when it comes to guessing my age. I guess you could say I have wisdom beyond my years. But even then, with all the responsibilities and lessons I've learned, I still feel like a girl. I've experienced many things in life, but something keeps me from being able to say i am a woman. The only experience left for me to accomplish is raising a child. I wonder if thats what's missing. If not, where does the transition begin?
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I believe I became a woman when I started to stand for myself and what is right according to me. I formed and respected my own opinions about myself, thats when I began to embrace the beautiful, sensual woman that I am; flaws and all. Maybe it was when I became responsible for myself, confident and comfortable in my own body, because it’s no one else’s. We become women when we fall in love with ourselves.

Or it could just be when we shave for ourselves.

Regardless, no one is going to give you worth but you.

The decisive factor maturity. <br />
<br />
One is mature, when one<br />
<br />
1. does not pretend to be a lost soul,and are attracted to the idea that they are one<br />
2. has some goals to achieve, no matter how badass/ impossible / unrealistic they look<br />
3. does not jump between opinions, and knows how to take a side<br />
4. does not regularly commit logical fallacies<br />
5. has experienced the large world beyond what popular culture talks about<br />
6. considers oneself elegant than cute.<br />
7. respects certain processes and rules,and not rebel because they just want to rebel. In other words, when one can concentrate / organize there rebel abilities for a cause, and not to some random idea<br />
etc.<br />
<br />
Notice that it has nothing to do with inner child . One can, while agreeing to the seven points above, still preserve a mind full of fantasy. <br />
<br />
A woman is a rare creature these days.

in other words, one who has acheived self-actualization.
guess i'll never be a woman then. if this list is maturity, then i guess everyone who thinks i'm mature (which there are many) is wrong and i don't have it.

what is self actualization

hahaha I think that's what is missing! really! Because you'll turn into a mother and I don’t think a mother can be just a "Girl" ;)<br />
But I'm really confused! sometimes people sees me younger and other times older than my age ( my look)!! <br />
Lool but what I know for sure is that I always feel there is a child in me though I'm all responsible and mature… and I feel that this child will never die :)

Don't ever let the child in you die

kwanzimfumu, somebody already beat u to it. :P besides, that's not what i was referring to