Im Difrent

  i am 19   and   i think im strange to others becuz i do not want a licents, do not want to driveand,  )(the thot of having the responcebility of the person you hit and kill....i just cant do that dont  want to date, and i also dont wont to stop going to school and i dont mean after high school go to calig i mean hightschool im in my secund senyor year and it is becuz i ask to

i also like furryes or anthromorfic ppl , i espeshy love the art they do and hav some in my albums i wish i was that talinted

i have a lot on my minde now and its cowzing me grate stres

(and i no very well adolts think that us teens are stres free but they r so god damn rong about that im strest to the point my chest herts sometimes....but thats for a difrent story)

i also like diapers and would rather whear them  thand underpants i just think they r mor cumfertabl than them thats all and yes i do like to wet them but mesing them is to far for me

beeeriy beeeriy
18-21, M
3 Responses Mar 9, 2010

wiked david i been trying to mesege you back but cant cus i dont have a token pleas read the hugs i sent you i think ther gifts<br />
i rily hope we get to talk sumtime

I know EXACTLY how you feel! It totally sucks! School is very over whelming and so is driving. I totally understand how u feel about diapers because i feel the same way too! They help me relieve ALOT of my stress. Hope things get better for you. If you ever need to talk you can add me as a friend and message me =)

and ppl if you cant suport this,think ist funy or sumthing along thos lines.<br />