Yeah Completely

I always have and in the long run I pay for it. Most people are unappreciative of it and just complain and whine and argue yet they don't get that I've sacrificed my entire life's happiness just to keep them happy. But apparently thats not enough. Don't get me wrong even seeing a brief smile is what makes it worth it. I risked my life onetime to get this kids ball that was about to be run over by a car. The kid smiled and it made my day. But now I've come to the point where the price is paid. Due to my constant urge to make other happy I have never been able to fufill my goals and now have depression, anxiety, insanity, suicidal moments, and have become too mature for my age. Not to mention under my eyes are marks that showed up almost ten years ago and have slowly gotten worse and worse. I refuse to say no when its something important to them and I give and give. In my artwork history I've given away my best drawings just because they asked for them. Then most of the time my artwork is beaten, broken, and torn. And I know I'll snap one of these days. But for now I lie dormant waiting for the day I can be truly happy too.
TheAngelOfDeath TheAngelOfDeath
Jun 5, 2011