Nevertheless, I Think I'm All Right...

At first it puzzled me, but by now I've got accustomed to it.

It's the idea of taxing women I don't even know as to how it would be like having an affair with them. This has a rather thrilling quality.

Just imagine: a strange female person being considered to be a sex partner. From their outer appearance I try to sort out how they might feel to the touch, smell, taste, look like when they are naked. How would their breasts look, be? Sagging, upright, yielding? Would they like to be touched, fondled, kissed, stubbed by my throbbing organ? Might their nipples be hard as erazors or soft to be sucked between my lips? What might the ***** be like? Tight, wide, hairy or shaven? Would she like to be touched, probed, fondled, explored by tender hands and fingers? Would she like to be eaten? Would she love to feel my throbbing hardness inside?

Call this day-dreaming, passion, longing or desire - I don't care. At least there is a lot of tenderness in all this, from my side... 

Genrik Genrik
66-70, M
Jul 20, 2007