Feelings From My Soul

Thoughts of you
change my morning
The sun arises
The eyes glance
The heart smiles
A divine inner joy
that flows endless bliss
Thoughts of you
changes my night
The moon appears
The stars shine
The body dances
A true fascinating pleasure
that bonds two souls
Thoughts of you
changes everything
The memories arrive
The dreams grow
The smiles radiate
An overwhelming peace
that erases any sadness
And therefore and more...
I think of you everyday

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7 Responses Jul 27, 2010

That is so beautifully written and expressive.<br />
I have exactly the same experiences day after day for the wonderful woman in my life.

yeah no worries I will always remember my playground bully tendereyesprincess.

Great poetry...........

see we both like to think of me then! though you dont play very nicely.

Such a sense of true feeling , thanks for sharing .......

yeah I think of myself everyday too.

such beautiful words, that express what so many feel.<br />
<br />
your "one" is so absolutely blessed.<br />
<br />
:-* thanks for sharing