Monica is someone from my past that, truthfully, I barely know. i became re-acquainted with her when she friend requested me on Facebook. She looked vaguely familiar but when I saw some of her older pics I remembered. I remembered we worked together for a short time. I don't remember if we were partners ever, I don't remember even if we ever had a conversation. When I knew her I was dating my wife and I may not have noticed her as much. I was very much in love at the time, happy and fulfilled. I am not those things anymore. Although I am married and have children I am lonelier now than I ever have been. 

I look at her pictures. Every year she gets more beautiful. You can't help by getting sucked in by her piercing blue eyes, hear beautiful auburn hair, her voluptuous body. I keep wondering what it must be like to have a life with her. Or even just to talk with her and get to know her. We've talked on the phone once. Online more. She was talking to a friend of mine who was trying to hook up with her. I was hoping it would work out so I could meet her again. Just have her in my life in some way. I doubt she it how I dream her to be. And I know this could never happen. I need to just forget about her but for now I think about her everyday.

Narcan2981 Narcan2981
41-45, M
Nov 25, 2010