Not Just Online

I think it's creepy when I get hit on by older men. And I don't mean online. Just today, I was pumping gas when the guy on the other side of my pump goes "Hey gorgeous" with this weird look on his face. I'm 19, and I rather look it, and he had gray hair and had to have been at least 45. Sorry, but that's old enough to be my father and that's creepy. It's not the first time it's happened either. *shudder* blech.
However, this doesn't go for all men older than me -- I think men within ten years of me are still cool, and old men who aren't creepy are wonderful (you know, the nice grandfather types). Just as a disclaimer.
NurseJello NurseJello
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4 Responses Aug 9, 2007

The best would be hitting on you without you noticing , I agree with you open hitting like the one you described is creepy and rather cheep .

Ok, well, that's true. I don't mind age differences in relationships, I suppose, but when it's unwanted attention it's creepy. Also, when I was 19 I probably looked 17 or younger, so a guy as old as the one hitting on me should not have considered the possibility.

I didn't mean to say that anyone over 45 is creepy - my dad's 49 and he's wonderful! I just meant that someone who's over 45 hitting on a 19 year old is creepy. Thanks for the comment!

Oh I don't know, my husband is 47 and not creepy at all:) But yes, it would be creepy if he was whistling at you. And dangerous. I'd hit him.